Demystifying SMS Marketing

In this era pertinently christened ‘instant information’ age, marketing goods and services using a mobile phone is an exceedingly convenient, reliable and time saving exercise. SMS marketing is marketing using a mobile device in a bid to transfer relevant, marketing communication and information to prospective and interested consumers. To both small and large businesses, SMS marketing is essentially the finest way to reach all consumers easily, faster and conveniently.


Why SMS Marketing Is Reliable and Viable


Considering almost 80% of the world population owns at least a mobile phone, SMS marketing has greatly gained massive popularity and an insurmountable deal of interest in both the large and small businesses. According to research, 9 out of 10 people carry a mobile phone in the US alone. It is even predicted that desktop internet usage will be overtaken by mobile internet usage in 2015 if the number of “local” searches from the mobile phones is anything to go by.


Therefore, in reality, SMS marketing is one if the best personal, more direct forms of marketing in the 21st century. Not only is it reliable, but it also a viable and convenient way of marketing all your services and products. However, how do you know if SMS marketing is right for your business? Well, you have to do proper research prior to jumping into the bandwagon. It is true that SMS’s from businesses cost a mere penny per text message, but you have to research first.


What to Consider before Engaging SMS Marketing


You will need to initially consider how you will collect mobile numbers for the SMS marketing because if you think consumers will share their mobile phone numbers easily with you, then think again. Mobile phone numbers are private; you thus have to win your consumers’ trust first before you can ask for their phone numbers. You actually need to create a relationship first so that they are fully aware who is sending them text messages of exclusive offers on meals, etc.


You also need to consider what pitfalls you may likely experience when using SMS marketing for your business. Before collecting and using your consumers mobile phone numbers in your SMS marketing campaign, you have to be aware of the costs, unsubscribe option and the opt-in only option. If these measures are not appropriately met, your SMS campaign will be deemed unfit for public engagement. It is thus crucial that you fully understand all the guidelines prior.


Then lastly, set up, create and start your SMS marketing campaign for your business. You could start sending messages to your consumer’s mobile phone numbers using, the dependable and easy-to-use service for all your SMS marketing efforts. SMS communications platform allows non-profitable organizations, churches, transit agencies, small businesses, retailers, and brands to reach all their customers through group SMS marketing.

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