Where will You Spend Your Christmas: Top 10 Holiday Destinations to Choose From

Spend Your Christmas

The holiday season had already kicked in. While most are busy planning Christmas parties and reunions, you may be one of them who are thinking of “where will you spend your Christmas?” for a great Christmas getaway.


There are a lot of places to go to when you are asking yourself “where will you spend your Christmas”. Go on and grab a map; here are the top 10 Christmas destinations from around the world that you surely don’t want to miss!

Spend Your Christmas

10 – London, United Kingdom: London is one of the most festive cities during the holiday season. It boasts a good tradition of dressing up the city with Christmas lights and Christmas decorations. Ice skating rinks sprout in the city’s beautiful landmarks. Thames River and Hyde Park are great spots for dashing Christmas markets. And of course, one should not miss the London’s traditional Christmas pudding.


9 – Paris, France: When we talk about lights, Paris is one of the best places to visit. Not only known for being the most romantic city in the world, but tourists are also attracted to Paris’ extravagant lights. And Christmas season in the city means flashy Christmas decorations, animated window displays and festive led lights to celebrate good tidings. Celebrate Christmas with your loved ones in the city of love and go on a shopping spree the Parisian way.


8 – New York, USA: Who does not want to see the giant Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Centre? The tree that touts 30,000 grandiose lights is every Christmas holiday tourist’s dream. Aside from the extravagant Christmas decorations, the city also houses the best Christmas activities that includes shopping, ice skating and visits to Christmas destinations like the Macy’s Santa Land.


7 – Vienna, Austria: The city marks one of the world’s oldest Christmas markets. This place is where you will spend your Christmas if you want to get traditional hand-made Christmas decors for souvenir. You and your loved ones may also experience one of the best Christmas carol concerts in Vienna.


6 – Sydney, Australia:  Where will you spend your Christmas if you are looking for a unique one? A Sydney getaway might be best for you. While others are experiencing cold Christmas, December marks summer season in Australia. Savour Australia’s delectable Christmas turkey and celebrate Christmas with your family and friends at a Christmas beach party like no other.


5 – Brussels, Belgium: Christmas in Brussels means experiencing two Santas. It has been a culture in the capital of Belgium to honour St. Nicholas and Pere Noel as symbols of gift-giving during Christmas. And, when it comes to Christmas destinations, Brussels boasts the Winter Wonders, a Christmas market and carnival that includes Christmas stalls, ice rink, Ferris wheel,  concerts, tracks for sledding, light shows and yes —chocolates, lots of chocolates.


4 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: The entire Brazil has a unique belief about Santa. The country does not actually have Santa Claus, they have Papa Noel. And during Christmas, Papa Noel distributes gifts in Brazil in different styles. According to locals, Papa Noel comes from Greenland and when he goes to Brazil, he changes in silk clothing because the weather is too hot. But aside from this unique belief, Rio de Janeiro also boasts a fire party by the lagoon on Christmas Eve.


3 – North Pole, Alaska: If you are wishing for a white Christmas this year, where will you spend your Christmas? North Pole in Alaska is the ideal place to go. The grounds are covered with snow during this time of the year; a nice place to build a snowman and enjoy skiing. North Pole is surely a go to during Christmas to visit the Santa Claus House where you can find displays of the famous character and his reindeers.  North Pole also boasts a 42 feet tall replica of Santa—the world’s largest.


2 – Vatican City, Rome: Christmas is not actually about flashy decorations, gifts and Santa Claus. The true celebration during this time is the birth of Jesus. And for Christians who are devout to Christ, Vatican City, the home of the Pope, is a place to celebrate Jesus’ birth. You may attend the Christmas mass with the Pope and enjoy a Christmas of prayer, holy readings, carols and blessings.


1 – Bethlehem, Israel: There is no greater Christmas destination than the birthplace of Jesus. During this season, a lot of people visit Bethlehem for pilgrimage. Join the traditional mass on the Church of Nativity, where Jesus Christ was born.  Aside from the mass, you may also enjoy the local’s way of celebrating Christmas in the place—simple yet precious.


Now you have a lot of options for where will you spend your Christmas this year. Haven’t you marked your map yet? Decide, book a flight and have a merry Christmas.

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