Tips on Improving Website Design

Web Design

When it comes to website design, small to medium sized businesses must know the right layout, colors, images and fonts to attract visitors and have a high conversion rate.


It is not enough for small and medium sized businesses in Westchester, NY to have a website. They must ensure that the website allows the visitors to find what they are looking for and make them stay longer on it. A good website design contributes a lot to the success of a business’ online marketing campaign. Below are some tips that will ensure that a business website does well in one’s Internet marketing strategy.

Web Design
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A Well-Designed Logo


One of the first things that businesses must have is a professional logo. It is displayed prominently in the website design and should link to the home page so that visitors can easily go back to the homepage after viewing a page. The business must use a high resolution image for the logo, and it must be found in all the pages of the website.


User-Friendly Navigation


Another factor of a good website design is an intuitive navigation. Most websites have a horizontal menu bar at the top of the website, and some even provide a secondary menu bar under it. When visitors can’t figure out how to go around a website, they tend to exit it right away. Avoid placing links to unimportant pages on the menu. This could just distract people from the message that the business wants to convey and be bad for local SEO. For unimportant links, it is best to place them at the footer of the page.


Clean Up the Clutter


A clean looking website allows the visitors to consume all the information that the site has to share. When the page has a lot of images or a block of text, the brains stop processing the data due to the overload of options. The website design must be devoid of visual clutter that would get the attraction of the visitors instead to the page’s vital part. Paragraphs must be short to allow visitors to scan their contents. A single paragraph must be not more than five to six lines.


Provide Adequate White Space


Visitors must be given enough breathing space. The content might be good for SEO, but real users might have a hard time comprehending the information given. There should be enough space between paragraphs and images so that readers can absorb all that business has to offer. The right white space controls user flow and makes visitors more focused on the content.


Design Each Page as a Landing Page


Whether a business directs traffic to the website through PPC or SEO, it is vital to design it as though it is the landing page. The page must have vital information that will make the visitor stay on the website and navigate to other pages.

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