What Are the Benefits of Owning a Tesla Electric Car?

Electric Car

If we are not careful with our use of it, fossil fuels will eventually run out. Thankfully, there are some technologies being implemented with the purpose of replacing the use of fossil fuels. Such replacements include the use of synthetic products that are made out of organic materials, such as algae and corn. What causes the burst in research for alternatives is the obvious increase in the price of fossil fuels, as well as the impending need, not just for cheaper, but also cleaner alternative solutions. It makes complete sense to develop these alternatives with the economic pressure that we are facing. This is basically the same motivation that pushed for the research and development of an electric car such as Tesla.


The Advent of Electric Car Existence


The technology behind the creation of an electric car, such as Tesla, has provided a huge impact in reducing the demand on the use of fossil fuels, and more importantly, provides a positive effect on the environment.

Electric Car

Just to be clear on what we are talking about, an electric car is defined as a vehicle that is powered by one or more electric motors. These types of vehicles use electricity which is often stored in a specific device used for energy storage, such as a car battery. A car that is run by both electricity and a combustion engine is considered a hybrid car. Hybrid cars are not considered electric vehicles. These days, one of the best examples of electric vehicles is a Tesla electric car.


The History behind the Electric Car


The first recognized electric car was created back in 1888 in Germany. These cars continued with their popularity during the late 19th to the earlier years of the 20th century. Due to the introduction of some advancements in the technology behind internal combustion engines, as well as the production of combustion engine cars, there was a decline in the production of electric powered vehicles.


The interest on the production of an electric car was resurrected In the 1970s and 1980s during the fuel crises. However, because electric cars back then were quite expensive and of low quality, people eventually went back to internal combustion engine vehicles. In our modern day, particularly since the year 2008, there have been advances in electric vehicle manufacturing with the introduction of lighter, smaller, and more efficient electric motors, which can power a Tesla electric vehicle.


Benefits of Owning a Tesla Electric Vehicle


The benefits of owning an electric car like Tesla compared to cars that have internal combustion engines include an overall reduction in air pollution. It slows down the impact of global warming because of the reduction of greenhouse gases produced by regular vehicles. Also, the lesser consumption on fossil fuels reduces dependency on oil. This, in turn, can reduce national concerns on the increase of oil prices, as well as disruption of oil supply.


An electric car is also easier to start as compared to gas powered vehicles. This is because you really do not have to ‘start’ your car. When the batteries are all charged up, the driver only needs to close the switch, turning the car on. This means eliminating the need to warm your car up. You only need to turn the key, gear up, and get ready to go!


With a Tesla model, you no longer have to do tune-ups. You may have to replace the battery pack or perhaps replace a fuse, but an electric car is generally low maintenance. The repairs on the engines are not an issue because the motors are long lasting and reliable. You might have to do some work on older motors, especially on the brushes, but the effort you need to spend cannot be compared to the maintenance needed to get an old regular vehicle going.



Generally speaking, an electric car such as the highly favored Tesla car is cheaper to operate. While electric vehicles are relatively expensive during the initial purchase in comparison to gas powered cars, the overall maintenance, as well as the fact that there is no need to purchase fuel in a regular basis, makes a Tesla electric car the better option. As a matter of fact, this brand has easily made it to the top of the list among many car enthusiasts. If you think of the long term effects of purchasing an electric car, you will obviously see the benefits.


And of course, it cannot be argued that electric vehicles are very cool. Because there are not many of them running on the streets, owning one will make you different, in a positive way.  Who knows, you may even get a date with your Tesla car!

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